750W 150V semi gold coating electric infrared quartz heating tube

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750W 150V 450MM

✅【High Efficiency And Energy Saving】: The Infrared Electric Heating Tube'S Electric Heating Efficiency Is Greater Than 95%, Which Is Up To 30% Energy-Saving Than Ordinary Electric Heating Tubes. It Is Suitable For Modern Baking Paint, Heating And Drying, Curing And Surface Treatment Industries.

✅【Safety And Environmental Protection】: The Infrared Tube Adopts Environmental Protection Technology, Heating Does Not Require High Current To Start, Heat Dissipation Is Fast, No Noise, No Pollution.

✅【Good Process Effect】: Infrared Tube Uses Infrared Radiation To Heat, Instead Of Air Convection, It Heats Up Quickly So As To Improve The Quality Of Heated Products.

✅【Economical And Practical】: Infrared Tubes Are Small In Size, Light In Weight, High In Power, And Low In Energy Consumption. They Are Used In Industries That Require Heating Such As Car Paint, Home Appliance Heating, Printing, Furniture, Textiles, And Paper Making.

✅【Multi-Specifications】:  If You Need Other Specifications, We Can Customize It For You. Please Contact Us And We Will Reply You Within 24 Hours.

❥ 1. The shortwave gold Quartz Tube Is A Halogen Heating Wire, Which Has The Advantages Of Large Power Margin, High Temperature Resistance, High Heat Capacity, And The Power Is Equipped With A Voltage Regulator To Adjust The Temperature.

❥ 2. The shortwave gold quart Heating Tube Is An Economical And Environmentally Friendly Heater That Uses The shortwave gold quart Heating Tube As The Outer Wall Tube And The shortwave gold quart Heating Tube Conductive Heating Body Inside, Which Can Quickly Heat Up After Power On.

❥ 3. The shortwave gold quart Heating Tube Halogen Tube: A Sealed Luminous Heating Tube Filled With Halogen Elements, Which Can Effectively Ensure The Life Of The Heating Wire. (Life ≥5000h)

❥ 4. After The The shortwave gold quart Heating Tube Is Energized, The Power Is Stable Within The Tolerance Range During Frequent Startup, Shutdown And Long-Term Continuous Work, And No Instant Power Shock Will Occur.

❥ 5. The shortwave gold quart Heating Tube Does Not Need Paint, Stable Emissivity, No Harmful Radiation, No Environmental Pollution, High Temperature Resistance, High Corrosion Resistance, Good Chemical Stability, Low Thermal Inertia, Fast Thermal Response, And High Thermal Conversion Efficiency.Infrared Heating Tube Is Widely Used In Industrial Heating (Such As Baking Paint, Dry Paper, Food Processing, Sterilization, Etc.), And It Is An Ideal And High-Performance Heat Source.

Product Model: The shortwave gold quart Heating Tube ► specification : 750W 150V 450MM

► Pipe Diameter: ø10mm ► Response Time: 1-2s ► Life: ≥5000h

► Application: Pet Bottle Blowing Machine, Heating, Car Paint, Oven, Oven, Curing, Etc.</p>


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length 750W 150V 450MM
Color Gold
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