Golden head E27 100W 220V R95 infrared bulb lamp heater infrared beauty lamp

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E27 100W 220V

Product introduction: Infrared light bulb, infrared beauty light bulb, infrared physiotherapy light bulb, infrared breeding light bulb, infrared animal breeding light bulb, infrared heat preservation light, infrared heating light bulb, infrared food heating light, infrared roasting chicken light, light bulb for roasting chicken stove Scope of application: It is widely used in health care and physical therapy, industrial drying, breeding industry and artificial incubation of poultry and various medical treatments, factories and mines, disinfection, sterilization, heating, etc.

Product Usage 1. Features: -Parabolic mirror reflection effect enhances the intensity of radiation per unit area -Only heating the object to be heated, without changing the ambient temperature, high efficiency -Shortwave infrared radiation, deep heating, fast heating speed. efficient -High quality, long life, used in industrial and civil heating occasions 2. Application of infrared warm light: -Industrial heating and drying -Food heating and keeping warm -Aquaculture growth management 3. Application of infrared physiotherapy lamp: -Ideal physiotherapy and beauty products for homes, beauty salons, and hospitals. With strong infrared spectrum penetration, it can deeply heat the skin, effectively improve blood circulation, improve skin tissue, and have a beauty and health effect. Hard explosion-proof infrared heating and heating bulbs are of excellent quality!
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length E27 100W 220V
Color Ruby
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